Amendments submitted to clarify two CPR initiatives

Press Release | California Pension Reform — Today California Pension Reform submitted to the Attorney General amendments to its two pension reform initiatives designed to clarify its provisions. The Attorney General allows amendments to be made within 15 days of filing. The following statement is from Dan Pellissier, President of California Pension Reform:

“After we submitted our initiatives the number one concern raised by our critics and discussed by neutral observers was not whether this reform is needed but if the reform is constitutional. As a result, we have contacted noted constitutional scholars across the country.  They have made recommendations they believe will enable the courts to say this initiative is constitutional.

“First, we ensure government funds and those contributed by government employees go to address our unfunded liability crisis.  Second, where there was concern our language could include conduct we did not mean to restrict, we tightened that language up.  And finally we made clear that future retirement benefits vest only upon performance of work.

“Every poll shows the people of California want pension reform.  With these filings we believe we are one big step closer to bringing Californians the reform they want and that the courts will approve.”

Copies of the initiatives’ with amended language have been posted on the Attorney General’s website:
Amended Version 1
Amended Version 2

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