Public pressure needed to push California pension reform

By Dick Spotswood | Marin Independent Journal — Until now, it’s been easy for many Marin politicians to dodge responsibility for changing California’s broken public employee retirements system. That’s frustrating because most voters understand that the status quo is not only unsustainable, it’s decimating the ability of state and local governments to provide essential public services.

Too often the elected officials’ approach has been similar to that long voiced by Board of Supervisors President Susan Adams, that changing public pensions is fundamentally a state problem.

Admittedly, our county supervisors and a few cities have taken some early steps toward reform. Yet, they’ve only taken the rough edges off a shattered and discredited system.

Adams isn’t alone when saying that Marin will act only when the state leads. Many officials at the city and special district level, afraid of alienating public-sector unions or harming employee morale, sing the same song. They’ve presumed that no one in Sacramento would ever have the gumption to propose real change.  Continue reading . . .

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